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Cannon Beach

Beach and Coastal Communities in the Pacific Northwest.

Welcome to Coastline Real Estate. We focus on real estate and properties that are located along the coastline of Oregon and Washington.

The Pacific Northwest is known for its evergreen trees, mountains and rain, but it is also home to some fantastic coast communities. The most famous destination on the coast is definitely Cannon Beach. The unique rock formation at Cannon Beach was made popular in the movie Goonies and is instantly recognizable.

Coastal communities in Oregon and Washington may not always be associated with sunbathing, but they do get some nice weather during the summer and they are home to a diverse array of shells. Also the sand in northwest beaches is incredibly soft.

During bad weather you can do some fun things on northwest beaches that you can't really do in other coastal areas. For example, you can ride scooters on the sand in Cannon Beach and in Seabrook.

Seabrook is a unique coastal community located about 2.5 hours southwest of Seattle. It's modeled after the popular Seaside in Florida and is made up of hundreds of beach houses and oceanfront homes. It is along a stretch of beach that seems to go on forever and is very similar in feel to that of Cannon Beach. It's still relatively untouched and you can see people clamming regularly on the beach.

This is just one example of how the coastal communities in the Pacific Northwest are truly unique.

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